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In Memory Of The Men From Brightwood Who Were
Killed In Action During WWII

Roland Baribeau - June 1944
Served as a member of the 506th parachute infantry regiment (pir), 101st airborne division, hq company and designated as a demolition expert. On the morning of June 6, 1944, Roland Baribeau participated in the initial airborne assault on the continent. Survived the initial landing on d-day. However, as the 506th made it's advance across Normandy, Roland was killed in action on June 21, 1944.


Sylvio Beauregard - October 1944
Joined the Massachusetts National Guard on January 16, 1941. He was an infantryman with company c, 104th infantry regiment, 26th division 'Yankee division'. On October 26, 1944, he was killed in action during a battle near Rechicourt, France.


Ralph Brennan - May 1942
Radioman, third class aboard the submarine tender USS Canopus. He was killed in action during fighting ashore on the island of Corregidor in May of 1942.


Roland Dupre - August 1942
Fireman third class. Enlisted on January 7, 1942 and trained at the naval training station in Newport, Rhode island. Served aboard the USS Quincy (ca-39). Killed in action aboard the USS Quincy during the battle of Savo Island on August 9, 1942. Memorialized on the tablet of the missing located at the manila American cemetery at Fort Bonifacio, Manila, Philippine Islands.


Harry Etkin - April 1945
Electricians mate 2nd class serving aboard the gato class submarine USS Snook. Killed in action when the Snook was lost at sea in April 1945.


Bernard Katz - July 1944
Enlisted in the Massachusetts national guard on January 16, 1941. Served as infantryman with company c, 104th infantry regiment, 26th division (Yankee division) in the European theater of operations. Killed in action during the battle of the Moncourt Woods October 22, 1944.


Richard Lee - February 1942
Electricians mate (em2) killed in action on February 19, 1942, while serving aboard the USS Peary.


Donald Weaver - January 1943
Entered the military as an aviation cadet with the army air corps on February 10, 1941. Trained at the army flying field in Albany, Georgia. Earned pilot wings and commission as a 2nd lieutenant in the army air corps. After being stationed at bases across the United States, was sent to the European theater of operations in June of 1942. Promoted to 1st lieutenant in July of 1942 and assigned to 345th fighter squadron in Africa. Killed in action on January 18, 1943.


William Whalen- July 7, 1944
Gunner's mate third class served as an armed guard aboard the tanker Esso Harrisburg.  Hewas killed in action when the Esso Harrisburg was sunk by a German u-boat on July 7, 1944.