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Adam Montagna, 1943

Adam Montagna, Coxswain

Dartmouth, Devonshire, England
 1943 – 1945

  • Enlisted in the Navy on June 2, 1943 in Springfield, MA
  • Trained at Sampson Naval Training Station, Sampson, New York – Training Company 203 from June 8, 1943 to July 28, 1943
  • Additional Training at the ABATU in Lido Beach, LI, NY
  • Departing from Lido Beach, NY for England aboard the HMS Aquitania on 11/28/43
  • Arrived in Firth of Clyde, Scotland on 12/11/43
  • Assigned to the Advance Amphibious Base stationed at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, Devonshire, England
  • Served as a Master at Arms
  • While at the USNAAB Dartmouth, he assisted in recovery efforts after Operation Tiger on April 28, 1944
  • Received a Commendation for his participation in the D-Day Invasion
  • Departed England aboard the HMS Queen Mary from Gourock, Scotland on 1/13/45
  • Arrived in New York, NY on 1/19/45
  • Spent three months in hospital at USNH, St. Albans, NY and the USNH, Sampson, NY recovering from service related injury
  • Discharged at the REC BRKS, NTC, Lido Beach, LI, NY on April 26,1945
  • Awards: American Campaign Medal, European - African - Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, World War II Victory Medal