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Brightwood Boys, The History of the Men from the North End of
Springfield, Massachusetts, During World War II
by Christopher P. Montagna

It wasn't all Brightwood Boys


The onset of the War saw the creation of various Women's Auxiliary Units.  Each branch of service developed a Woman's Auxiliary, they being the:  WASPS (Air Force), WAVES (Navy), WAACS (Army), SPARS (Coast Guard) and the MCWR (Marines).  The Woman's Auxillary Units were created to release men for combat duty.  The women served in all Theaters of Operations and carried out much of the burden of administration, training, repair and supply services.


Among the young women from Brightwood serving their Country were:


Betha "Bert" Diamond, sister of Earl "Sonny" Diamond.  Bert attended the U.S. Naval Training Station at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.  After completing her training she was stationed in Washington, DC.


Elizabeth Foster of 31 Wason Avenue and Marjorie Phair who lived at 2417 Main Street served as members of the WAACS.


Women also served as members of the Army Nursing Corp.  Among the women serving as Army Nurses was Helen Graboowski who lived at 117 Jefferson Ave.