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Brightwood Boys, The History of the Men from the North End of
Springfield, Massachusetts, During World War II
by Christopher P. Montagna



With the completion of the War, the former Brightwood Boys returned home as men and settled back into civilian life.  The men worked as bartenders, postmen, factory workers and packaging groceries.  They spent their time back in the old taverns or spinning yarns at Burn’s Gas Station at the corner of Main and Cumberland Streets. 


The sense of duty and honor set by the Brightwood Boys during World War Two would resonate in the hearts and minds of their siblings, neighbors and children.  Among those who would dedicate a portion of their lives to defending our country include:



Ray Bailleu served in the army during the Korean War.  Ray was awarded the Purple Heart and the Silver and Bronze Star for valor.  He rose to the rank of Master Sergeant.
Norman Dagenais – USMC (killed in action in Korea)
Roger Gouvin
Lee Rolland
Andy Tessier
Jerry Tessier,
Al Merchant - USMC- (wounded in action)  
Harry Merchant – USAAF
Chet Wapner
Roy Messenger –USMC
Chet Boulrice


Viet Nam:
Roman Artuph, Jr. – USAF
David Baird – Army
Bill Beem – Army
Art Chapdelaine, Jr – USAF
Joe Hogan, Jr – USAF
Ray Kurowski – USAF
John Meunier -  Army
Rock Meunier – Army
Elliot Levin – USN
Richard Pilon – Army
Raymond Renault – USAF
Robert Renault – Army
Roger Renault – USN
Thomas Swords – USAF
Richard Talbot – USAF
Robert Talbot - USAF