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Brightwood Boys, The History of the Men from the North End of
Springfield, Massachusetts, During World War II
by Christopher P. Montagna

Coming Home


On a crisp fall day, Cpl. Herman Silverman from the Bronx, NY stepped off the #68 train from New Haven at the train station in Springfield.  Cpl. Silverman waited on the platform as a seamless steel box housing a quilted silk lined upholstered mattress and pillow was brought off the train.  Cpl. Silverman snapped to attention and saluted.  On October 18, 1948, Brightwood Boy Sylvio Beauregard came home.


After Sylvio was killed in action his body was interred at the United States Military Cemetery in Andilly, France.  Previously, Mrs. Beauregard received a package containing a few of Sylvio’s personal effects, consisting of a wrist watch, swim trunks, an address book, a photo and his wallet.  At the request of his mother, Amanda, Sylvio’s body was repatriated.   Sylvio Beauregard was laid to rest in St. Michael’s Cemetery next to his father who died in 1942.