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Brightwood Boys, The History of the Men from the North End of
Springfield, Massachusetts, During World War II
by Christopher P. Montagna



"Dad Produces Rifles For Six Boys In Service – Huntington Street Father Turns Out Garands for Fighting Sons".  This article, which appeared in the Springfield, MA Newspaper in February 1944, sparked my interest in learning more about the six members of the Montagna family who served their country during World War II.

Dad Produces Rifles for Six Boys in ServiceDAD PRODUCES RIFLES FOR SIX BOYS IN SERVICE

Huntington-Street Father Turns
Out Garands for
Fighting Sons


Six boys in uniform and a "dad" who helps turn out Garand rifles for Uncle Sam's fighting men – that's the family of 58 Huntington Street.


Two of the boys are overseas and already may have used Garand rifles which their father, Serafino Montagna, Sr., helped make at Springfield Armory.


Pvt. Serafino Montagna, 20, entered the army in February 1943 and is at Shreveport, La.  He is a graduate of Trade school and worked as a fruit dealer.  Pvt. Joseph, 35, is at Camp Swift, Tex.  He is a graduate of Technical High School and was in the fruit business before entering the service in November 1943.


Sgt. John Montagna, now home on furlough, is stationed at El Paso, Tex.  He is a graduate of Technical high school, worked for the Handy Provision Company.  He entered the service August 31, 1942.


Frank, 29, coxswain, is now at Annapolis, Md., where he is getting further training with the navy.  He entered the service in January 1942 and prior to that worked as a photo engraver.  He is a graduate of Technical high school. 


Adam, 18, is now stationed in England.  He joined the navy in May 1943.  A graduate of Trade school he worked at the Springfield Armory.  Pvt. Trento Montagna, 28, is in the Pacific area and has been in action.  He is a graduate of Technical High School and entered service in January 1943.